Captain Moonlight: It's OK, this is culture

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ART. Tricky business. I don't even know what I like. Take this picture, here. It's called Julie From Hull, by Marcus Harvey, who works with paint, masking tape and rubber gloves. It's part of the exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery, in London's Kensington Gardens, curated by Damien Hirst, who seems rather jolly. Because Kensington Gardens is a royal park, the gallery's trustees keep an eye on what it hangs. The exhibition features, inter alia, Hirst's dead sheep in formaldehyde and an 8ft inverted orange wax phallus purporting to be Balzac hanging from the ceiling. No problem. What got everybody exercised was this painting. Judge for yourself. Tricky business, art. I think I'll stick to rugby league.

(Photograph omitted)