Captain Moonlight: Makeover for the men in eyeshades

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EXCITING news. The Guild of British Newspaper Editors has changed its name to The Guild of Editors. Yes, that's right, you're holding the back page. But there is more. The Guild is offering a prize of pounds 250 in a design competition for a new, striking, exciting logo.

What do you think? What would best project the editor of today? The Captain has thought long and hard about this: he likes to help. I toyed with the idea of a foot in smart tasselled loafer thrust through a half-open door, or a large ear affixed to a keyhole. I doodled around with flying writs, open cheque books and large menus. I sketched a puppet with supplicating hands and an eyeshade whose strings led to a much larger, avuncular figure.

And then I remembered the H M Bateman cartoon of an editor which I reproduce for you. Perfect, isn't it? Such energy and enthusiasm] Almost a lust to communicate. Old-fashioned, I grant you, but also fashionably retro. The Guild should employ this figure as logo forthwith. Bateman's caption is good, too: 'The editor of a yellow press newspaper receiving news of a horrible murder committed in circumstances of the most revolting atrocity.'