Captain Moonlight: Model plotter

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BOOK news: September's big one is Swan, the first novel by Naomi Campbell, below, presented by Heinemann as 'both runway (sic) romance and front- cover thriller . . . It is told with the undeniable force of experience, but it is above all a story for everyone who's gone from schoolgirl to supermodel in their dreams.' Naomi is quoted thus: 'I've got millions of fans the world over. They're always asking me what it's like to be a model and how they can become models themselves. So that's why I wrote the book. It's the insider's story for them.'

Fascinated, I asked Heinemann if Naomi had needed much editing. 'Basically, she's co-written it, with Caroline Upcher, the writer,' they said. 'It couldn't have been written without her insight.'

Next, from Hodder & Stoughton, The Total Zone, by Martina Navratilova (and Liz Nickles), 'Sixteen-year-old Audrey Armat is a combination of sugar and steel: Grand Slam contender with a scorched- earth serve . . . she rarely loses, luckily, because when she does, she is brutally beaten by her coach. But nobody knows that. Nor do they know she is sleeping with him. They do know, of course, that he is her father.' New balls, please.

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