Captain Moonlight: Of little moment

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HERE it is, Captain Moonlight's Catch-up Service, the only news digest with a well- I'll-go-to-the-foot-of-our-stairs factor . . . A fleeing robber was caught when his braces snapped and he tripped over his trousers in Kolding, Denmark . . . One in three men pick their noses while driving, 47 per cent of women sing and a third of all drivers have reached for the glove compartment without stopping, according to a survey of driving habits . . . A hunter snoozing behind a bush in Virginia was shot in the leg by another man who mistook his snores for the grunts of a wild boar . . . The French have introduced Y-Fronts for left- handed men . . . Sex-crazed granny Anna Jurgela, 73, of Vilnius, Lithuania, forced 46 men to have sex with her at gunpoint, leaping from bushes naked, except for her trench coat, to attack hikers or joggers . . . Heather, a Mr Blobby-style giant pink hedgehog, has been banned from a Royal Horti- cultural Society marquee. 'By no stretch of the imagination can Heather be perceived to be within the spirit of an RHS flower show,' said the RHS . . . A bandit was wounded when two rival gangs tried to rob a bakery in Rio de Janeiro at the same time . . . A seaside crematorium in Southend, Essex, is aiming to attract day trippers with cream teas and horse rides . . . Gavin Whitsett, famous for his bestseller urging people to do acts of random kindness, was beaten up in Evansville, Indiana . . . And finally, at 12.05pm last Tuesday, in Brighton, the Captain was addressed, by a taxi driver, with his first 'Warm enough for you?' of the summer.