Captain Moonlight: Readers' digest

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STAND BY for that indispensable and exclusive digest of the media minutiae of the past week, Captain Moonlight's Catch Up Service . . . Paul Osborne, of St Martins, Alderney, was bound over in the sum of pounds 100 for two years after admitting growing cannabis. Osborne claimed he boiled it with garlic to give his racing pigeons extra lift. 'Before I gave my pigeons cannabis I wasn't winning any races,' he said. 'Since I started, I've had 12 first places and the birds sometimes came in two hours ahead of the rest' . . . Three entrepreneurs have set up a condom delivery service in Berlin, offering advice and 200 types of condom with delivery in as little as 10 minutes . . . Frank Ripley, 48, of Chatham, Kent, is claiming a world record for the most gold fillings in one jaw. He has had 19 in all. Two subsequently fell out and are now hanging on his neck chain . . . Temperatures in the Atlantic have risen by 0.32 degrees in the past 35 years . . . In a recent survey, 25 per cent of respondents thought Scottish women among the least likely to shave their legs with Welsh women close behind at 20 per cent . . . Britain challenged EU teddy bear quotas aimed at replacing Chinese teddies with European ones . . . Police who found a severed ear after a fight in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, took it to hospital where they were told it was plastic, its owner having lost his ear in a previous fight . . . Health enthusiast Franz Heinen, of Brussels, died after choking on vitamin pills . . . Farmer Reg Thompson, of Tavistock, Devon, puts old socks down rabbit holes in the hope that the smell will stop the rabbits mating . . . And, finally, a false leg and an electric fire were among items of lost property on auction recently at Leeds City Station.