Captain Moonlight: Snookered White

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YOU MIGHT think it's easy handling the affairs of a leading personality, just pick up the phone, mention a few figures, take your percentage, feet up, Bob's your uncle and it's a villa outside Marbella. But it's not. No. It can be hard work, demanding, debilitating. Take poor Alan Stockton, who looks after the well-known snooker player, Jimmy White. White, you will recall, recently lost

in the finals of the world championship and was sentenced to 120 hours community service for driving his BMW round Richmond Green while almost four times over the legal limit.

Well, the other night, Alan was explaining to his client that he had managed to negotiate a five-figure fee with one of our leading dimensionally-challenged newspapers for an exclusive photograph of Jimmy with spade doing said community service. Jimmy was not that impressed, apparently. He wanted to know why Alan had still not found out how much an hour he would be getting for this community service.