Captain Moonlight: Spy scoop

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NO HOLIDAY relaxation for the dedicated team that produces the Daily Mirror. While you were rewinding the video and thinking about more cake, two Mirror men were infiltrating the new London headquarters of MI5 at Vauxhall Bridge and gasping at the walnut, the marble, the gym, the squash courts, the German kitchen units and a little railway for whizzing documents around. Not that the Captain begrudges any of this; a happy spy is a good spy, say I. No, what caught my eye was the reference by one of the contractors quoted in the story to a 'trophy room'. Now what sort of trophies does MI5 gather in? Best Supporting Agent? Best Designed Dead Letter Drop? The Silver Spool for Bugger of the Year? Runners-up, Most Efficient Internal Security Agency, 1978, behind the Secur itate and just ahead of the Tontons Macoutes? And what will be mounted in there? The Head of MI6? I did try to ask, but a Government spokesman refused to comment. If anyone knows anything, make a rendezvous with the Captain, usual place, no umbrellas.