Captain Moonlight: The Captain's Catch-Up Service

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WELCOME once again to the weekly digest that keeps you up to speed on what's happening off the information superhighway . . . In California, a woman cellist resigned from the Eureka Symphony Orchestra and called for a boycott of its performance of Peter and the Wolf, saying it was insensitive to the plight of wolves . . . Police officers at Tobermory, Isle of Mull, unable to afford a shredder, are using a pair of gerbils . . . Restaurant diner Luis Peresco faces jail after breaking a man's nose and ribs in Caracas, Venuzuela, for eating with his mouth open . . . Firemen in Weymouth had to cut free a man who got his head stuck in a hotel bar's security grille while trying to get at the drink . . . The Rev Alan Hughes has discovered that members of the congregation kept falling asleep during his sermons at St Nicholas's, Bransdale, North Yorks, because gas was leaking from the bottles used to power the lighting . . . Oscar the Cat, from Widnes, was given a machine wash by Stephanie Lefevre, four, after he got dirty in the garden . . . Fifty-six illegal immigrants who tried to enter Japan posing as the Philippines volleyball squad competing in the Asian Games were thwarted when an immigration official spotted they were too small for volleyball players.