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THRILL, wonder, or just plain gawp as the Captain takes you through the week's other news ... 65 baby grass snakes and six lizards were found in a woman's bra and blouse after customs officers in Stockholm noticed "something weird" about her figure ... Bill Green, 48, of Kenilworth, claims to have walked 25,000 miles in socks he bought in 1970 for 3s 6d ... Louis Gaste, the French composer of "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window", died ... Kerry O'Brien, from Great Sutton, Wirral, who crashed through a hairdresser's shop window while taking her driving test, has just become engaged to one of the stylists ... Gwilym Thomas, an astrologer from Weston-super-Mare, pleaded

guilty to assaulting his wife, Denise, a psychic. The couple are now divorced. "I should have seen it coming," said Mr Thomas ... Dick Freeman, an old sailor, was cremated with a pint of his favourite beer in Wimbledon ... A farmer in Malaysia was killedby a coconut thrown by his pet monkey. The monkey had been trained to climb trees and throw them down ... An aphrodisiac drug has killed three men in America after they swallowed it instead of applying it externally ... Dewey Hale, 40, died in Enigma, Georgia,

after being bitten by a rattlesnake he had taken to a church service in obedience to the biblical injunction to "take up serpents'' ... The British Veterinary Association called on animal export protesters to stop lying down in front of lorries because hundreds of animals were suffering stress-related diseases as a result.