Captain Moonlight: Tories for Jesus leader limbers up

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YAAAARRRHHHHH] Sister Mary Chantal, leader of Tories For Jesus, pictured getting in a little training for doorstep canvassing last week. An understandably apprehensive Michael Portillo (left) is simulating a front door. Sister Mary and her group will also be on duty at the conference in Bournemouth this week, where they hope to make an important contribution to the law and order debate. Well, no, that's not true. But perhaps you saw that report in the Sun that the Princess of Wales is having lessons in kick-boxing from a 6ft 4in martial arts expert at Kensington Palace? Yes, I did, too. Actually, it is Sister Mary Chantal, who works at a mission in Harlem among the homeless in New York. Sister Mary, who is shown with her Tae Kwon Do master, Henry Cho, was a black belt before taking holy orders, and has encouraged her fellow sisters to take up the sport.

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