Captain Moonlight: Weekly meander down the byways

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TIME for your weekly meander down the byways which lead off the information superhighway, or infobahn, as I'm told we must now call it. Stand by for Captain Moonlight's Catchup Service, my acclaimed digest of the week's other news . . . Cliff Richard has postponed his musical, Heathcliff, for a year because it is not yet good enough . . . Jose Pezoa, of Lima, has become world banana-eating champion by swallowing 12 of them, including the skins, in four minutes 14 seconds . . . More than half of Britain's dogs are bored . . . A youth passing a hockey game in Gillingham, Kent, was arrested after he threw a stray ball back to the players. They were Surrey and Kent police teams who recognised him as a robbery suspect . . . A golden retriever at a slimming club for fat pets in Swansea has lost three-and-a-half stone . . . Jodie Foster, the film actress, owns a beautiful house in San Fernando Valley, California, but rents another in the Hollywood Hills to live in because she does not want to make it untidy . . . Fifty shrimps have been rescued from a colony living in a dark sulphur-filled puddle at the bottom of a 1,000ft pit shaft in Tyne and Wear. Dr Phil Gates, a Durham University biology lecturer, believes they may be a new shrimp sub-species. 'In terms of evolutionary genetics they're going to be absolutely fascinating,' said Dr Gates . . . And, finally, caring son Trevor Knaggs has a drink with his dad every day even though the old chap died eight years ago at the age of 82. Trevor, 61, of Hull, keeps dad John's ashes in his cocktail cabinet. 'It just seems right - father liked his beer,' he said.