Captain Moonlight's Notebook: Campaign to Save Radio 4 Long Wave

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THEY really are sweeties. Who else has ever written a thank-you letter to all the reporters who told their story, the photographers who took their pictures and the police who 'kindly ushered' them to the barricades, and then signed off in Latin? Only the Campaign to Save Radio 4 Long Wave (UK). Furthermore, they sent a donation to the Metropolitan & City Police Orphans Fund, in appreciation.

My colleague, Cal McCrystal, met this genteel group of protesters from here and abroad speaking in standard English within statutory decibel levels, who walked in procession last Saturday from Hyde Park to Broadcasting House. They each waved a balloon and called on the BBC to cancel its plans to turn Radio 4 Long Wave into a continuous news network. They chanted: 'What do we want? Long Wave. What do we say? Please.' After that, I suppose saying thank you was inevitable.

Ubi longae perveniunt undae, ibi adsummus, was their message. For readers who have chucked away their primers I will tell you what it means next week when I have found mine. It doesn't look subversive, but might be.