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The strongest chessplayer who ever sat in the House of Commons died 100 years ago. Marmaduke Wyvill MP (1815-96) is one of the forgotten heroes of 19th-century chess. He was runner-up to Adolf Anderssen in the great tournament of London 1851, losing in the final by two wins to four with one draw - a better score than any other player made against Anderssen. Then, having established a claim to be the second strongest player in the world, he went back to being MP for Richmond, Yorkshire (a seat he held from 1847-68), and never played in another chess tournament.

His triumph in the third game of the final of the London tournament saw Wyvill winning with a fine counter-attack after defending Andressen's attack with great expertise. As Howard Staunton put it in a note to Black's 28th move: "... the assault is conducted with uncommon ingenuity and spirit."

White: Adolf Anderssen

Black: Marmaduke Wyvill

1 e4 c5 9 Nxc6 bxc6

2 d4 cxd4 10 e5 Nd7

3 Nf3 Nc6 11 f4 f5

4 Nxd4 e6 12 Rf3 c5

5 Be3 Nf6 13 Rh3 Rf7

6 Bd3 Be7 14 b3 g6

7 0-0 0-0 15 Nf3 Nb6

8 Nd2 d5 16 Bf2 d4

17 Bh4 Nd5 30 Rxd4 Rc1+

18 Qd2 a5 31 Kf2 Nd5

19 Bxe7 Rxe7 32 Rfd3 Qc6

20 Ng5 Ne3 33 Rd2 Qb6

21 Qf2 Bb7 34 Bc4 Rc2

22 Bf1 Ng4 35 Ke1 Rxd2

23 Qh4 Qd7 36 Rxd2 Qg1+

24 Rd1 Rc8 37 Bf1 Rc7

25 Be2 h5 38 Rd1 Rc2

26 Rg3 Qe8 39 Qg3 Ba6

27 Rd2 Rg7 40 Qf3 Bxf1

28 c3 Ne3 White resigned

29 cxd4 cxd4