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After five rounds of the Owens Corning International in Wrexham, the surprising leader is the Swedish International Master Christa Hartman, who is one of the lowest-ranked contestants. He has 31/2 points, half a point ahead of James Howell and the veteran Hungarian grandmaster Isztvan Csom.

Most recently, it has been the super-veteran David Bronstein who has been having most fun. After a slow start of two draws and a loss, he was jolted back to life when the German master Alex Jeffe played an archaic line of the King's Gambit against him in round four.

One of the great King's Gambiteers himself, Bronstein entered into the spirit of it, producing a game with a true flavour of the last century. Even the end of the game contributed to its general air of ramshackle originality. When Bronstein allowed his opponent to repeat moves and force a draw, he could have won with 29...Ke8. White has no good check with his rook, and 30.Nf4 is adequately met by 30...Nd6.

White: Alex Jeffe

Black: David Bronstein

1 e4 e5 16 0-0 Kg7

2 f4 exf4 17 Rxf4 Rf8

3 Nf3 g5 18 Ne2 c6

4 h4 g4 19 Raf1 Rxf4

5 Ng5 d5 20 Nxf4 cxd5

6 exd5 h6 21 Nh5+ Kg8

7 Qe2+ Be7 22 Bg6 Nd6

8 Ne4 f5 23 Rf6 Ne4

9 Nbc3 fxe4 24 Rf7 Nc6

10 Qxe4 Nf6 25 Rc7 Nxd4

11 Qg6+ Kf8 26 Rg7+ Kf8

12 d4 Qe8 27 Rf7+ Kg8

13 Qxe8 Nxe8 28 Rg7+ Kf8

14 Bxf4 Bd6 29 Rf7+ Kg8

15 Bd3 Bxf4 30 Rg7+ draw

The next day, Bronstein beat Neil McDonald for his first win of the tournament.