Chess / Dutch treat

The annual tournament in Groningen in the Netherlands has just begun with an exceptionally strong field including the Fide world champion, Anatoly Karpov, and his challenger, Gata Kamsky. Amiong the other grandmasters are Michael Adams and 16-year-old Peter Leko.

In the first round, the only win came from a fine endgame by the lowest- rated player, the Dutch grandmaster Loek van Wely. From the diagram position (van Wely playing White against Zoltan Almasi), play continued 29.Kb3 Ke7 30.Ka4 Be3 31.b4 axb4 32.axb4 (Stage one completed: the pawns are on the move.) 32...Bf4 33.Bd4 Bc7 34.Be3 g4 35.Ba6 Rb8 36.h3 gxf3 37.gxf3 Rg8 38.Rg1 Rxg1 39.Bxg1 e5 40.Kb5 (Stage two complete: the king is activated.) 40...e4 41.fxe4 fxe4 42.Bb7! (42.Bxb6? Bxb6 43.Kxb6 e3 44.c5 Nd5+ leads only to a draw.) 42...Ke6 43.Bc8+ Ke7 44.Bf5 h4 (Black has run out of good moves) 45.Bf2 Kd6 46.Bxh4 Ke5 47.Bg6 Bd8 48.Bxe4! (Stage three: an accurately calculated sacrifice) 48...Kxe4 49.Bxf6 Bxf6 50.Kxb6 Kd4 51.c5 Bd8+ 52.Kb7 Kc4 53.c6 Kxb4 54.h4! resigns.