Cooper Brown: He's back and this time he means business

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i cannot tell you how good it is to be back in the Yookay after my extended stay back home in the States. Don't get me wrong, I love America with all my heart but there's something about coming back here and being a big fish in a small pond that is right up my street. I find it strangely reassuring that you still refuse to address certain basic issues like prole obesity, the age-old dental thing, basic personal hygiene but... i have to admit, I've missed you.

I'm safely ensconced back in the Cooperdome and the old Quattroporte has been released from the garage. From now on, I'm going to be writing a daily diary for you guys so you can get a feel for what being someone with a successful social life feels like. Victoria, my British fiancée, and the main reason for my being back here on your shores, organised a huge "welcome back" party for me and, not to beat about the bush, it rocked.

We had it in The Groucho Club in Soho and you probably saw some of the pap shots in the papers? A couple of my old friends seem to have lost the habit of drinking too much free champagne and behaved quite appallingly in the street outside. I've never been a fan of Duncan Bannatyne but what they did was unforgiveable (but quite funny). Anyways, big week ahead and you're going to be getting front-row seats so enjoy the ride... Cooper Out.

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