Cooper Brown: Notting Hill

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Got a text from Ben yesterday, telling me that I had been offensive to Prince Harry in Boujis after our B52 session. I couldn’t remember a word of it, but Ben claims I took his seat in a booth and then when he came back started going “all ginger on his arse”. (Ben’s words).

I feel really bad, as Harry is one of the few royals who doesn’t behave like it’s the 18th century. Ben is sure that I’m going to get a call from immigration, asking me to come see them about a visa problem. Meanwhile, his celebrity rally thing is really taking off. I’ve been offered a Land Rover Discovery which, if I’m being honest, is not really the sort of thing I’m after.

I want something with a bit of bling to it. I’ve put the feelers out to a couple of potential celebrity codrivers and should know soon. I had to take my boy to a music group this afternoon, because Victoria was having tea with her parents and I wasn’t invited. It was being held at a house in Notting Hill owned by some asswipe in the record industry. I was the only dad there in a room full of moms and their pretty awful kids. This being Notting Hill, it wasn’t a normal music group.

The husband had organised some session musicians to come in and so the kids were all “jamming”with them on their own instruments. It was hideously awful and all the moms were looking as though their kids were the new Jimmy Page. H-F made me proud by knocking over a synth and breaking it – now that’s rock ’n’ roll. Cooper Out.

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