Cooper Brown: Obama

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OhmyGod, will everybody stop whining about “whether we should have shot Osama or not…”. The guy was Public Enemy Number One, and suddenly we’re supposed to be reading him his rights and getting him a lawyer?

I just don’t get the bleeding-hearts brigade – what planet are they on? Then there are the conspiracy nutjobs who think the US is lying about it all. These belong to the Donald Trump Troupe who Obama nailed at the White House Correspondents Dinner when, having produced his birth certificate, he said Trump could now worry about important things like Roswell and whether we faked the moon landing.

If we haven’t despatched Osama to his 76 virgins in heaven (all of whom, I guarantee, will suddenly have terrible headaches) then all he needs do is to appear next to a copy of a newspaper announcing his death and the whole Obama presidency is smoke.

I have to admit, I’ve never been a huge Obama fan. I always thought he was bit too much the smug college professor type – not a decent leader. But it took cojones to send in the Seals as opposed to just blowing up the whole compound. If he’d done that we would never have had proof and the crazies would have had a field day. It was a big risk. The disastrous Iranian hostage rescue that ended up crashing in the desert was the final nail in Jimmy Carter’s presidential coffin. Obama would have been acutely aware of this. Hail to the Chief. Cooper Out.

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