Cooper Brown: Sexism

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I'm under "investigation" for sexism and have had an online fight with Stephen Fry. If whichever bunch of ladyboys decide that I have been sexist then I will be fined and this diary censured. Well bring it on, that's what I say!

Cooper is drawing a line in the sand and making a man stand. I agree with right thinking people like that small guy off Top Gear when he says that soon we'll be living under the Taliban and then where will women be? Then Stephen Fry messages me on Twitter – "You're a journalist. Ignorance your profession. Do apologise. I see from your timeline you're a charmer." Admittedly it was about something else but I'm having a tough week already.

We men can't say anything without being ticked off and insulted. I'm the first person to applaud women for doing what they've done. Enough, however, is enough. I'm in trouble for talking about a photograph I took while on a night out. It was of a pair of random lady buttocks in the street. These buttocks were fully clothed but I happened to mention that they were "hot". That was that – it was as if I'd said Britain has gone mad making that Miranda chick funny (what is that all about?). It's not just me. I know plenty of chicks that agree with me too. They don't want to become men. They want to stay living as chicks. I know one chick that has been married for seven years and her husband has never seen her without make-up. That's sexy, not "ist", in my opinion. Cooper Out.

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