David Lister: Part of London's heritage has been lost

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Alarm bells first rang when I picked up a leaflet saying Transport for London was "changing the direction of the Circle line". Rubbish as I always have been at geometry, even I felt that you couldn't change the direction of a circle.

How wrong. With no fuss, no publicity and only simmering outrage from tens of thousands of commuters, a part of London's heritage has been removed. Worse, it makes no sense. Commuters wishing to travel round the Circle line now have to change at Edgware Road, and change platforms to do so. This being a station with no escalators, I watched elderly people and parents with pushchairs struggling with the stairs.

It seems that Transport for London have decided that more people wish to travel to Hammersmith than to those out-of-the-way places like Westminster, Victoria and South Kensington's museums. I'd protest to somebody, but it would probably be less stressful to move to Hammersmith.