Rebecca Tyrell: 'If Kim Kardashian wants to match Liz Taylor, she’ll need to divorce Kanye next year'


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Who knew that at the end, after that film-star life, after all the Oscars, the drama, the husbands and the jewellery, Elizabeth Taylor's final public communication, a month before she died, was a tweet to Kim Kardashian?

She was letting Kim know that the interview they had conducted together for Harper's Bazaar was on the newsstands. Kim, the Queen Never-Tarty of reality TV, had dressed as Kleopatra (K for Kim, geddit?) for the Harper's photo-shoot, and Taylor said she looked "like a princess in Egyptian robes, love!". And with that, presumably reckoning her life's work complete, the great Elizabeth Taylor of the lilac eyes withdrew from public life. One question though, Elizabeth, surely Kim looked like a Kween, not a mere princess?

If Kardashian, the unthinking OK! reader's Paris Hilton, sees herself as a Taylor manquée, she humbly accepts she has a way to travel yet. Her first question for that final Taylor interview was, "You are my idol. But I'm six husbands and some big jewels behind. What should I do?".

And, ignoring the long odds against her winning two Best Actress Oscars, raising countless millions for Aids research and becoming BFFs with Michael Jackson, Kim is on course to emulate her heroine in one important area, and doing her level best in another. At 31, she has two ex-husbands, while after giving her most recent marriage every chance, she kept the $2m diamond engagement ring when her wedlock to the basketball star Kris Humphries ended after a marathon 72 days.

Rumour has it that Kim's now accepted a proposal from the rapper Kanye West – like Kris before him, his name begins with a K, which must surely be a deciding factor. Although, who could blame Kim for being a little disappointed that the engagement ring belonged to her fiancé's late mother? Elizabeth, looking down from her marabou cloud, might well note that Larry Fortensky did better than that and he was a humble construction worker.

And, sorry Kanye, if you are planning a long marriage, you are probably out of luck because if Kim wants to keep to schedule, she will need to have divorced you and one more by late next year. Soon after turning 32, Taylor had four exes in the bank. And the jewels, well, Kardashian is getting there, she spent $64,900 on three of Taylor's jade and diamond bracelets at auction last year. If we were looking for a flame carrier among the reality-TV-star community, could we have asked for better than Kim?