A year in break ups: The best autocorrects from 2012

We've moved a long way from "it's not you, it's me". Now technology does the breaking up for us - whether we like it or not

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2012 has been a busy year for celebrity break ups, with Katy Perry and Russell Brand starting off the year with their divorce.

In April, celeb romance royalty Seal and Heidi Klum as well as Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced they were calling it a day. June saw Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes end their marriage and we also witnessed Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart’s big split.

With so many romantic tragedies throughout the year it seems only fitting that we should honour these grand heartbreaks with a tenuously related - but amusing - look at some epic break ups and near misses, due to that modern catalyst of communication breakdown: autocorrect.

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Warning: contains swearing