Body art domestic violence is never a good look

Somebody should tell Chris Brown and his tattooist

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Sometimes, although I work in the business of words, they fail me. I'm left almost speechless by the photos that popped up yesterday online of what purported to be American rapper Chris Brown's latest tattoo.

I'd been going about my week thinking that by far and away the worst tattoo I was likely to see all week was either a) the one behind the ear of a customer in my local nail bar (Playboy bunny. Brrr) or b) Rihanna's ribcage-wide figure of the Egyptian goddess Isis.

But Chris Brown, peddler of mediocre rap, a man most famous for attacking the aforementioned Rihanna, his then girlfriend, in 2009, was pictured this week with the battered face of a "mystery woman" tattooed on his neck. WHAT?

Famous committer of domestic violence gets image of domestic-violence victim permanently put on his neck? It's so crass, so horrible, so disturbing, so worrying (does he really not have a clue? Or anyone in his life to intervene?) that I can barely find the words.