Careers tip: Be bold

Students should put themselves out there

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Students should take opportunities to step outside their comfort zones and learn new skills. When students enter employment, they will need to develop skills such as presentation, teamwork, leadership, literacy, numeracy and communication.

Although it's going to be difficult and it's going to be a challenge for them, it's about being enterprising; if you step outside of your comfort zone then you can learn new skills and prepare for challenges faced in the ever-changing workplace.

Take mobile phone software developers or Zumba fitness instructors - these jobs didn't used to exist. It's essential to step outside of your comfort zone to prepare for these kinds of changes in industry. Key to this is for employers, colleges and training providers to work with them. By sharing skills with children that employers will expect, such as being enterprising and ethical decision-making, we prepare them for employment.

We are fortunate in Hull to have many organisations that support our students. We are proud to be involved in Careers Week to enable children to think about their future.

Stephen Logan is an ambassador for National Careers Week 2014. For more information, visit He is also assistant head at Malet Lambert school in Hull, Yorkshire.