Careers tip: Think before using social media

Be in control of your social media image

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If you’re working in an office environment, remember whatever you put online is permanent and leaves a digital footprint, even if it is deleted. If people share and you delete, it is still out there. Think about this before you post a picture, video or message.

Think about the impact that you can have on your own personal brand if you post something bad, negative, slanderous or racist. People can find out a lot about you via social media. Be aware that your password settings are set correctly. Don’t accept any Tom, Dick or Harry as a friend on Facebook.

On the other hand you can use social media to research jobs, businesses and people who you would like to work with.

Be in control of your own personal brand. Be aware of what your being tagged into and what people are saying. Be careful not to land yourself in hot water and control what is being said about you.

Social media is fantastic if used properly. You are now able to speak to people who were once out of reach. The world is really a small place and its what you make it. Social media isn’t going anywhere fast and its a great way of communicating but don’t forget there is a time and a place and don’t hide behind it. Social media is called social so use  it to engage.

Naomi is an ambassador for National Careers Week 2014. For more information, visit She is also director of Enterprise Lab and lectures on employability and using social media to get a job.