Ukip Clacton by-election victory: Nigel Farage's 'salesman deluxe' look seems to have struck a chord with 'ordinary' Britons

But if his rivals were to start wearing 'camofarage', would it work for them?
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If we're living in the age of personality politics, only Boris Johnson could take on Nigel Farage. BoJo may have the tousled demeanour that Londoners find irresistible but, outside the capital, Farage's "salesman deluxe" smoothie look is, well, a banker. The Ukip leader's image seems to have struck a chord with "ordinary" Britons, which must rankle with those other party leaders.

But if they were to start wearing "camofarage", would it work? Well, David Cameron is, on the surface of it, best suited to the cords and Crombie uniform beloved of poshos everywhere. He could slip down the road from Sam Cam's top people's stationer's Smythson and pop in to pick up a pair of Bur-bray brogues, pausing only for a slightly overweight slice of fruitcake, washed down with a pint of Stella (McCartney)? Why not drop the pretence of navy jeans and polo shirt and play to your strengths, Dave? Next time you go to rainy Cornwall, try a Bar-bore mac.

He's more at home on the tennis court than the golf course, but Nick Clegg might do well to switch to Farage (rather than Farah) slacks so beloved of the Ukip leader when he's teeing off, although Lib Dem supporters probably feel Clegg swings too much as it is.

And for Ed Miliband? A few too many pints down the pub might have been a crowd-pleasing way of excusing his lapse of memory during the conference speech. And a touch of yellow (in the form of country-gent trousers) hints at a new coalition. But, given the fix he's in, he could do worse than send the Spads to Westfield to pick up a Giorgio Faragi suit, and team it with a Ukipper tie.