Daily catch-up: an ad-Venn-ture, who ‘What If?’ is for and UKIP's untidy bedroom

Half a dozen curiosities from around the internet for your education, information and entertainment

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1. Thanks to Visual Idiot for a fine Venn diagram to add to my collection.

2. Five Thirty Eight has a lovely interview with Randall Munroe, the genius behind the xkcd and What If? websites. He has a What If? book out tomorrow, and he gives a good answer to the question for whom he writes, or how he imagines his audience:

"I just try to explain it as simply and clearly as I can, as if I’ve travelled back a few years in a time machine and I’m giving the executive summary to my past self to save me the trouble of working it out."

His What If? of yesterday, "What would happen if one person had all of the world's money?" is typically brilliant, Scrooge McDuck and all.  

3. Illegal immigrants can’t claim benefits: the Daily Mail fails the Full Fact test. The Mail hasn't published a correction to that one yet, but has corrected errors in a different immigration story this morning.

4. Someone called Julie Bindel approves of stealing from her fellow passengers. I don't know why the Spectator is publishing such tripe.

On the subject of public transport, though, and after Monday's fun with the London Tube map, here is a lovely unofficial map with Crossrail and the new Overground lines added. From Randomly London.

And here is a map, "When it's quicker to walk" (below), which I dreamt of drawing in the 1980s, when the Tube had cardboard tickets with magnetised backs, and no fare-zone system. That meant fares depended on how many stations one travelled, and walking where stations were close saved money (now it sometimes just saves time).




5. "It’s a bit like teenagers being told to tidy their rooms. They know they need to do it but there's a lot of ‘Awww Maaan! Do I really have to?’” Excellent post by Flip Chart Rick on the big question for UKIP: can it manage itself well enough to grow without relapsing into the usual disorder and division of small parties? I suspect it's a QTWTAIN.

6. Finally, thanks to Chris Heaton-Harris:

"Going vegetarian is a missed steak."