Daily catch-up: Greek Yes voters were so shy they didn’t even turn up to the polling stations

Plus the latest on British politics, pedantry and geography

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1. It may not even be the 18th most important thing about the Greek referendum result, but it is interesting that the opinion polls got it wrong.

The final polls suggested a close result, with No just three percentage points ahead. The actual figures were 61 per cent No to 39 per cent Yes.

I thought the polls might be herding towards neck and neck, and that if support for either side were under-estimated it would be the “shy Yeses” that would cause it. But I think I got away with my wrong prediction, because I don’t think anyone noticed.

2. The Top 10 in The New Review, the Independent on Sunday magazine, was Towns Everyone Has Heard Of But Cannot Place On A Map.

3. As ever, Guy Keleny’s Errors & Omissions column on Saturday was a delight.

4. I wrote about the danger of hubris in George Osborne’s Budget on Wednesday for The Independent on Sunday. I don’t think he’ll cut the top rate of income tax to 40p. Unless he is to make a mockery of David Cameron’s one nation claim, he will have to impose a heavier burden on the better-off to offset the £12bn in welfare cuts that he claims to have found.

(A transcript of his interview with Andrew Marr yesterday is here.)

5. My Budget Bingo for The Independent on Sunday:



6. And finally, I recommend Euan McColm’s contribution to Ram Album Club, a brilliantly simple idea: people have to listen to a record they’ve never listened to before, and write about it. “It will do nobody any good to listen to this record and I would strongly counsel against trying.”