Daily catch-up: sculpture, silly jokes and a guide to solving all engineering problems

What the world needs now is more lists

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1. The fame of the New Review’s Top 10s is spreading. I have had an email from a colleague of Zenos Frudakis, the sculptor who made “Freedom”, above, thanking me for including it in the Top 10 Works of Public Art.

Frudakis, and the Independent on Sunday’s list, featured on WRTI: “A Philadelphia-Based Sculptor Breaking The Mold.” And on Philly.com and on Newsworks (where there are some more great photographs of the sculpture): “Philly-area sculptor’s work strikes chords around the world.” From this I learn that my information was out of date: the figures are set in the exterior wall of what used to be the GlaxoSmithKline building, but which is now a charter school.

Listellany: A Miscellany of Very British Top 10s, from Politics to Pop (Elliott & Thompson, £9.99; e-book £4.99) is out now.

2. I thought I would give the politics and the opinion polling a rest today. Prime Minister’s Questions is coming up at noon: that’s more than enough for one day. So instead, here are the Top 10 Silly Jokes off Twitter that I have collected recently.

• “I just saw a boat full of Scouts go speeding past." “How many knots were they doing?” Jason.

• That doll that makes common grammatical errors is this year's “must of” gift for Christmas. Jason.

• I came running towards her, snorting, fingers up like horns on my head. “No, I wish you were more likeable,” she sighed. Moose Allain.

• L’Oreal have launched a camouflage makeup. It’s because you’re war fit. Chris Heaton-Harris.

• A bad workman blames his fools. I meant tools. Stupid phone. Chris Heaton-Harris.

• My computer keeps singing “Rolling in the Deep” – it's a Dell, obviously. Chris Heaton-Harris.

• If you apply for a job with Twitter do they ask for 140 character references? Kevin Hague.

• Upside down cake should be cooked at 180 degrees. Jake Lambert.

• Why couldn’t the teddy bear work on the building site? Today's the day the teddy bears had their picks nicked. Robert Cubitt.

• WANTED: ill-tempered footballer to front ad campaign for new aftershave, Scent Off. Tom Freeman.

3. Finally, thanks to Ric Cassell for this: