Don’t be a grinch – just squinch

There's a new facial expression in town...

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As holiday season arrives with its requisite, forced “We’re having a great time!” group photos, non-photogenic folk all over Britain sigh deeply. Clearly they’ve not heard of “the squinch”, the new face‑pulling tip publicised by portrait photographer Peter Hurley.

Just squint slightly using your bottom lids – watch his video tutorial for details – and voila! More like Rose McGowan, less like Rose West! Hurley’s last video – “It’s all about the jaw”, which taught people how to have more facial definition, was a viral hit. My style tip video “Stop tagging photos of me with spam arms on Facebook or I’ll burn your car” will be on YouTube in December.

It’s true: Yahoo Mail still exists

A leaked internal memo at Yahoo HQ – following their expensive redesign in October – makes glorious reading. “This year we asked you to move to Yahoo Mail for your corporate email account. Twenty-five per cent of you made the switch (thank you). But even if we used the most generous of grading curves (say, the one from organic chemistry), we have clearly failed in our goal to move our co-workers to Yahoo Mail.”

Part of me feels terribly sorry for Yahoo for having their failure exposed. Part of me thinks it’s brilliant advertising. It’s the first time for five years I’ve remembered I have a Yahoo account.

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