From one cerebral palsy child to another, my heart goes out to missing five year-old April Jones

The nation is awaiting news of the missing five year-old, now even more so as it's revealed she is disabled and needs medication.

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Abducting anyone is awful. Abducting any child is terrible. But abducting a disabled child? I have no words to describe the actions of the person responsible.

The people of Machynlleth are desperate to help find the missing five-year-old and have been searching day and night.

All I can say is that I have shared the shock of the whole UK at this case. I have shared the wish of the whole UK to find out exactly what has happened to April Jones. I share the hope of the whole UK that she will return, alive and well, to her family very soon.

I have cerebral palsy myself, as regular readers of my blog will know.  The discovery that April shares my disability only adds to the hope I have had since she went missing for her safe return.

I can’t help thinking back to what I was like as a five year-old. How much I needed regular physiotherapy at that stage in my life.

April’s godmother is absolutely right, she will be in great pain and serious danger if she is kept away from appropriate medication for too long.

From one cerebral palsy ‘child’ to another, my heart goes out to April.