Got a New Year's Eve hangover? Call for an Angel

In Kent, you can order a Mummy-style service - if you're willing to pay

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If last night’s celebrations have left you bilious, over-emotional and incapacitated, then Donna Docherty’s company Hangover Angels – currently covering the Kent area – will  be appealing.

Donna supplies a Mummy-style morning-after service, delivering, for a fee, Big Macs, Nurofen, Sunday roasts, bacon and Berroca to punters who in their post-party state find leaving the house an arduous task. A cynic would say this is Booze Britain at its most bleak, or a business person would see that this idea has legs and would buy a van, load it with Lucozade and Nurofen and begin roaming the suburbs each Sunday morning. Regardless of recession, Britain rarely loses its appetite for self-destruction.