Helen's new pink hair - hey Mirren, you've stolen my thunder!

Helen Mirren proudly showed her brand new pink hairdo at the Baftas, but she's not the only one who was tickled pink this weekend

I’ve always admired Helen Mirren.

Happy in her own skin, she doesn’t walk the red carpet in skirts up to her knickers or tops cut down to her navel. Nor does she inject her face with the latest chemicals in desperate attempts to regain her youth.

So imagine my surprise when I switched on the BAFTAs last night and saw Helen sporting a shock of pink hair. Even more surprising given that I too have been tickled pink this weekend.

Apparently Helen dyed her hair to raise breast-cancer awareness. I dyed mine because I was bored with blonde, which is much less noble.

I’d wanted to ‘go pink’ for a while. I’m too indecisive for a tattoo and I’ve run out of places to pierce my ears. Pink hair was a quick, semi-permanent and pain-free way to drastically change my look.  

There are a number of celebrities who have rocked pink locks in the past. Pink (obviously), Katy Perry, and Fearne Cotton, to name but a few.

Getting the right shade was a challenge, as I’m sure Helen would agree. I steered clear of hot pink which felt too Avril Lavigne circa ‘Sk8er Boi’. Instead I settled on pastel pink with some violet tones, slightly different to Helen’s peachy rinse.

I dyed my hair on Friday night, two days before Helen debuted her new do and I can’t help but feel she’s stolen my thunder slightly.

After all, I unveiled mine on Twitter and Facebook, while she unveiled hers at an awards ceremony watched by millions. I love you Helen, but that’s not really fair, is it?