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A cheerier story on the front page today, for those of you who have had  to take time off work in order to see  your GP. About 1,150 surgeries in England, catering for 5.5 million  patients, are going to open at evenings and weekends, with more  medical advice given over the phone,  email and Skype. The reforms are overdue and common-sense, offering the public more convenient healthcare. They have the potential to ease pressure on A&E, with more  elderly patients receiving community care. There are already demands for the changes to be introduced across the whole of the UK.

As our Whitehall Editor Oliver Wright, a former health  correspondent, writes: “We can get ill seven days a week, so shouldn’t we also be able to get treated seven days a week?”

But the reforms are underfunded, at the moment, so may falter from the outset. GPs are certainly paid enough to work more anti-social hours than is currently the case. But since they already work long hours, if they have to provide care at evenings and weekends that may mean you’ll find it more difficult to get an appointment during the daytime.


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