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Would you like to shape this newspaper’s coverage of politics? If the answer’s yes, there are now two ways to do so.

1. Write to me – and the rest of the i editorial team – on the main email address here:  i@independent.co.uk.

This can be in response to our existing coverage – perhaps you think we have dropped the ball somewhere, you disagree with  a columnist or want to make  a general point about our  reporting. Where should we  shine a torch? Your message  can be for public consumption  (on the Your View page) or  marked not for publication.

2. There’s an opportunity over the next few days for you to join our indyViews panel. This is a bloc of i readers who, every three months, are given the chance to answer a research survey compiled by our reader guru Adam Joseph. The questions we’ll send out next week are our most  political yet – and to take part all you need to do is sign up over the weekend at indyviews.org.  Joining takes 30 seconds. This time we want to know readers’ thoughts on which issues matter most to you; what you reckon about the state of the economy, NHS, immigration and education; and on the party leaders – please don’t hold back. As well as speedy multiple choice rounds you can submit much lengthier remarks...

With the i paper’s first general election just round the corner, there will be new opportunities for you to contribute to our politics coverage. We’ll need a network of  readers around the country to help  identify stories and the big topics you think matter – and that will engage your fellow readers.



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