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Our 1,000th issue hits the newsstands next Saturday, 8 February. Rhodri and I are still waiting for our invitation to the Palace. But to mark the edition, we would like to give a little space to you.

Why do you buy i? What would you like us to improve? We’ll publish the best answers to these questions in i’s 1,000th edition. (You can answer one of them, or both.) Do you have a favourite columnist? A particular front page that stood out? An issue we must stop ignoring?

Please limit yourself to 50 words, write to i@independent.co.uk (the sooner the better), and feel free to attach a small portrait photograph if you care. Your name is essential, while age, locale and profession are of interest to other readers – and to us.


“You ask today in the Editor’s Letter how you should cover the next general election,” writes Roddy Campbell from Canvey Island, Essex. “I would suggest that you concentrate first of all on the Scottish referendum on independence, because if the vote is Yes it will change the political landscape more than any general election since the Reform Acts.

“Most news media are treating it as a mere sideshow, an ego trip for Alex Salmond, but I suspect that they (and you) are in for a shock next year.”

Your wish, Roddy… We “splash” i today on the grenade thrown by Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of (cough) England. The casual assumption in London has been that the threatened dissolution of the Union would be slowly seen off, but the anxiety levels will soon begin to rise.


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