i Editor's Letter: Putting Ed Miliband in the ring


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You know that scene in Jurassic Park where the goat is led out and tethered, to await the T-Rex? Well the next political leader to take questions from i readers, after the Prime Minister last week, is the leader of the Opposition, Ed  Miliband. (Only joking, Mr  Miliband. You won’t feel a thing.)

We could have filled 10 Letters pages with the response to David Cameron’s answers in i. Some of you took exception to his replies (“twaddle!”, “obfuscation!”) while others praised him for a “good job”. The aim of the exercise is to offer direct political dialogue between you and our political leaders. To give you a platform to tell them of your concerns and to put them on the spot – and for each to reply. You can then judge them all as you see fit. Our role is a sort of boxing referee: keep punches above the belt and spitting to a minimum.

Mr Miliband is now taking  questions from i readers. You have until Friday morning to ask him anything you like – from policy to the more personal. Email  i@independent.co.uk by 9am this Friday (6th). We will select the best questions and give them to the Labour leader, who will reply for  publication in i next week.

His leadership has seen him  persistently defy low expectations. There is much at stake for him over the next 18 months: can he reach out to parts of the electorate who have abandoned parliamentary politics, or can the Prime Minister and Chancellor ride the economy to a  majority? What do you think of Labour’s headline-grabbing gas bills freeze? What would you ask Mr Miliband about Labour and the economy? What do you want him to commit to? When did he last speak to Tony Blair, and about what? What advice has he been given on his appearance? How does he plan to win back disenchanted voters? I’m sure you can do better...


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