i Editor's Letter: Scottish Referendum: The temperature is bound to rise


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Ten weeks until Scotland goes to the polls and decides whether to leave the United Kingdom. The implications of ending the 307-year union between Scotland and England are immense and unclear. Today we begin a week-long series on Scottish independence, in response to demand from i readers.

We will seek to balance the arguments from opposing sides. Today, we open with an opinion article by the First Minister, Alex Salmond, who chooses this paper to open a new front in the referendum campaign. Tomorrow you will hear from the former Chancellor Alistair Darling, head of the ‘Better Together’ No campaign. He is interviewed by i’s Political Editor Andrew Grice.

We get a lot of emails from readers interested in independence who feel they don’t yet have enough information about the key issues shaping the debate – and the futures of Scotland and the United Kingdom. So throughout this week, our team of correspondents will lay before you the facts on jobs, EU membership, teenagers getting the vote, the monarchy… Today’s concise primers are on oil currency, nuclear submarines and business.

We will profile voters on both sides of the debate. We also invite correspondence from you: reaction to our coverage and any suggestions you may have for the coming weeks, when the temperature is bound to rise. You can reach the editorial team here on i@independent.co.uk.

i’s position on Scottish independence is to arm you with the facts to make up your own mind. We try to heed the words of CP Scott, editor of the Manchester Guardian for 57 years until his death (I can but hope): “Comment is free, but facts are sacred.”


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