i Editor's Letter: Still all to play for at our live iDebate


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When we decided to stage a live iDebate in Scotland one week before the referendum, we were interested to see if the readers who applied for tickets reflected the national opinion polls.

The result so far: just under a third of i readers who have tickets for next week’s event support  Scottish independence, just under a third think that Scotland is “better together”, and more than a third are undecided. A lot to play for, then, for our four panellists.

Our debate Scotland Decides takes  place in Edinburgh next Wednesday,  10th September. The doors open at half six. There will be a drinks reception afterwards, giving you the chance to meet our editorial team. Free tickets are available to i readers at ind.pn/iscotlanddebate.

The case for independence will be made by the Scottish Government’s Minister for External Affairs, Humza Yousaf, and Yes Scotland’s Operations Manager, Sarah-Jane Walls. Arguing for the Union will be  the Campaign Director of Better Together, Blair McDougall, and a member of the official Opposition.

Ticket-holders get the chance to submit questions in advance to our panel. We’ll choose a balanced mix of them on the night.

Phil Norton wants the long view – “Where do you see Scotland in 50  or 100 years?” – while Robert  Murphy notes the Better Together posters proclaiming “More  Powers for Scotland, Guaranteed” and demands to know: “What will those extra powers be?”

Jane Adams asks our panel: “In the event of a narrow victory for No, how do you think the attitude of  Scots to English people resident in Scotland will change?” Marlene Conway wonders: “What coinage will I need to buy the i newspaper in an independent Scotland?”

Keep them coming!



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