i Editor's Letter: U-turn on meningitis B


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An important public health story leads our front page today – news that will be welcomed by hundreds of  leading scientists and researchers. The decision to make the vaccine for meningitis B available free of charge on the NHS, as part of the UK’s routine child immunisation programme, is a laudable example of an “expert panel” performing a public U-turn.

As our Health Correspondent  Charlie Cooper writes, “what looks like a harmless bout of flu can, overnight, turn into a life-threatening condition”. The disease is devastating, and it is right that in 2014, when the health service has an annual budget north of £100bn, we provide this vaccination free to babies. (Although we have separate, devolved health services, changes to vaccination programmes tend to be made UK-wide.)

The vaccine had earlier been blocked by an independent committee, on the grounds of expense. Well-off parents could have their children vaccinated privately – but unsurprisingly the vast majority of these sales were in the wealthiest places, leaving poorer families to play roulette with their babies’ lives. Although the vaccine is not 100 per cent effective, a mass programme will save hundreds of lives. Good news, then, with which to start a Friday.


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