i Editor's Letter: Your mail is the first thing I turn to in the morning


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“I always turn first to the letters page in i,” writes Colin Southgate, of Barton-le-Clay, near Bedford. “It is often informative, occasionally provocative yet always  enjoyable. Most of all it is like meeting old friends. Marianne Lederman, of Hitchin, is a regular and interesting correspondent.” He also name-drops Margate’s Dan Weller, Buckingham’s David Diprose, “and Brian Rogers of East Sussex is trying to catch up by having two letters published on the same day”. Apologies to other readers for such largesse – I’m sure that all of you spotted it.

When I became editor last  summer one of the first things we did was expand the letters page to give i readers more space in their own paper. You responded by writing more, and your mail is the first thing I turn to in the morning. Think you can do better than any of the correspondents who appear in Your View? Start writing to  i@independent.co.uk.


Each autumn, just after Freshers’ Week, we hire 25 students on  campuses across the UK as i ambassadors. We look for people with bags of energy who are thinking about a career in the media and would like to work with our  marketing and editorial teams.  It’s a paid-for role with possible bonuses such as festival tickets. So if you’re a student (or know someone who is) who would like to become an i ambassador, check out  independent.co.uk/istudents.  The deadline to apply is next Wednesday, 1 October.


I intend to invoice the shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham for his line, “battle for the soul of the NHS”, since I know he spotted it on our front page back in January...


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