i Editor's Letter: Your response to our new back page of sports

Whatever you think about our bold new look on the back, we're listening to what you have to say

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A full postbag responding to Saturday’s Letter from the Editor, ranging from praise for introducing Sport to i’s back page and suggested improvements to our Sport pages, to consternation at Puzzles moving. (From immediately after Sport to immediately before it.)

First, the praise. Sam Abbotts writes: “I fully appreciate the need for advertising revenue, but somehow it feels more like the paper I want to read when I can turn to the back and read the sport straight away. More of this will mean I shall move from The Times to i.” James  Gidman wants more rugby and racing, adding: “It is reassuring to know that i continues to innovate even though you could rest on your laurels for years.”

Now for some criticism. “Moving the Puzzles page,” writes Mike Andrews of Leicester, “threatens a delicate entente cordiale in our household. My wife is a  keen puzzle solver while I like to get straight down to my sport and news. In order to avoid unseemly tugs of war, we used to cut off the last page which allowed us to go our separate, peaceful ways. But now the cutting removes a page from sport! So it’s back to the negotiating table for us, as a change of newspaper is happily not an option.”

Mike Treleaven of Stokenham states, simply, “Marital harmony is at risk,” while Janet Turner of Orton Longue-ville, Peterborough, is upset. Others aggrieved include Mary Lee of Wotton- under-Edge, Helen Robinson of Little Marcle, Solihull’s Peter Francis, the Bosleys of Huddersfield, Hardings of Wellington, Wilsons of Bishops Stort-ford and Merrikins of Torquay. I apologise to you all for the disruption, and say that I dislike change for the sake of it.

To improve the situation, if not solve  it to everyone’s satisfaction, we have given Games & Puzzles a more prominent headline, better “signposting” and added tear/scissor lines.

We also no longer publish the answers upside-down, which will please a few of you, since Puzzles now come before the solutions. Please feel free to suggest  more elegant solutions as they arise; we shape i from your correspondence.