Letter from the Deputy Editor: i’s Review of the Year


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Christmas is done. The presents have been wrapped and opened, then treasured or discarded. The turkey leftovers await.

Now is the time to unwind, enjoy the holidays and possibly reflect on 2014.

And that is why we bring you i’s Review of the Year. The first part is today, and it concludes tomorrow. This year we have focused on big data to give us a better understanding of the world around us and relied on infographics to make complex subjects more easily understood.

On a month-by-month basis, we cover the big stories of the year: from the rain and catastrophic floods of January to the war in Ukraine: from the riddle of the disappearance of flight MH370 to the NHS funding crisis; from the rise of Ukip to the phone-hacking trial; from the joy of a Brazilian World Cup to the terror of Isis; from Scotland’s referendum to the Ebola outbreak, to landing a spacecraft on a comet.

It all wraps up (of course) with Christmas, and a frantic spending boom.

These were the issues that helped define the year for our team of expert writers. But of course you may have different ideas and, as ever, we’d like to hear from you. Do you think our selection is broadly right? Did we miss something important? Also, do you have any personal highlights from 2014 that you’d like to tell us about? Please write in and, of course, tell us what you’d like to see from i in 2015. There’s an important year ahead - but more on that later…