Letter from the Deputy Editor: The rhetoric on the Scottish referendum steps up another level


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With a little under three months to go until the Scottish independence referendum, the rhetoric is stepping up another level. Politicians, businesses and celebrities have all spoken out – and now even Shrek has had his say.

The Prime Minister has also finally entered the fray with a call for the “silent majority” to make their views heard. I’m not sure if he realises the irony of his plea, in that the real silent majority – among the 46 million people registered to vote in the UK – are the ones who won’t get a say on the future of their Union.

Putting the soundbites aside, by promising greater powers to Holyrood in the form of “devo-max”, no matter who wins on 18 September, David Cameron has opened himself up to accusations of bribing the Scottish public. But who can blame him? After stating his preference to keep Scotland in the Union and Britain in the EU, he doesn’t want to go down in history as the PM who presided over the break-up of both.


An email popped into the i inbox yesterday afternoon from John, in Suffolk: “With the England rugby team losing three matches, the football team losing two, and the cricket team one, all in the space of three weeks in June, I would have found it difficult to stomach a Scotsman winning Wimbledon.” As a passionate Welshman I couldn’t pass without commenting, completely impartially, of course.

Well, John, you’ve got your wish, but as a forfeit I’ve passed your details on to the Yes campaign. Expect a call from Alex Salmond as you may be the person who swings the vote in his favour (but be careful if Scotland breaks free, as you may not make it back over the border).

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