Magaluf crackdown: Decision to curb antisocial habits will be welcomed by locals and discerning tourists alike

Mallorca remains one of the Mediterranean’s most idyllic destinations

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Discerning travellers have always headed to the charming, unspoilt north and west of Mallorca – where they enjoy music festivals in Deia, cycling in the Tramuntana mountains and wildflower walks along the coast, not to mention Michelin-starred restaurants, delicious local wines and sublime evenings listening to exquisite choral concerts in Palma’s handsome cathedral.

However, in recent years, younger, more lively tourists have found the nightlife in Magaluf combined with good value bars and warm sinshine (sic) appeals strongly to their sense of holiday adventure.

Unfortunately, an enthusiastic young person’s holiday priorities are not always compatible with older clientele’s plans of gentle exploration followed by a siesta. Thus this new decision by the Mallorcan government to curb the more antisocial habits of some of the loudest tourists, for the benefit of more discerning and wealthier older tourists, will be warmly welcomed by locals and specialist tour operators.

We wish Mallorca the very best of luck in their quest to preserve their island paradise. It is certainly one of the Mediterranean’s most idyllic destinations, and it would be a great pity for everyone if the local authorities missed this opportunity to restore peace and harmony.

Ted Wake is the Sales Director for Kirker Holidays