Max Clifford's top 5 career highlights*

*Or lowlights, if you'd rather

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Presumably, you've seen this. Here's a reminder of some stories Britain's most influential publicist had a hand in.

1. Jeffrey Archer and Ted Francis

In 1999 he brokered the deal exposing the allegedly false alibi concocted by Jeffrey Archer and Ted Francis which led to both being tried for dishonesty. It has been reported that Clifford says he was paid a commission of 20 per cent on a deal worth £150,000.

2. False allegations against Neil and Christine Hamilton

In February 2005, Clifford agreed to pay undisclosed damages and costs over false allegations of sexual assault against the Hamiltons. Clifford withdrew "highly offensive" comments made while representing Nadine Milroy-Sloan, who falsely claimed the Hamiltons sexually attacked her.

3. David Mellor and toe-sucking

In 1992, Clifford represented Antonia de Sancha after her affair with Tory Minister David Mellor became public knowledge. Clifford organised the interview through which details of Mellor's alleged - but never proven - penchant for toe-sucking, and love of wearing his Chelsea kit in bed, became known.

4. Gary Glitter and Miss X

Clifford helped Allison Brown - "Miss X" - go public. She stood in front of cameras and microphones to accuse Gary Glitter of sex offences. Glitter was cleared, but not before Clifford had come to a lucrative arrangement with the now defunct News of the World.

5. Freddie Starr ate my hamster

Possibly the greatest tabloid headline of all time.