Mixed messages from CAR rebels

Days before joining a rebellion now sweeping the Central African Republic, this rebel commander told Evgeny Lebedev he was working with the government

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This video shows just how volatile the situation in the Central African Republic is. Filmed outside the diamond mining town of Bria, it shows a rebel commander (who we have agreed not to name) talking about releasing child soldiers to Unicef and "working with the government". Less than a week later, his armed group was in open rebellion, and he only allowed one child to be released, in spite of having said that more could leave.

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It is a disingenuousness now writ large across the CAR. The rebel coalition now homing in on the capital has reportedly agreed to halt its advance and negotiate, only to renege and continue its advance.

The continuing instability shows just how vital Unicef's work in the CAR is. Regardless of how the ongoing crisis in the country is resolved, Unicef will continue saving children from armed groups that force them into violence and servitude.

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