Political Takeout 2.1: Guest starring Jonathan Aitken, Rowenna Davis, and Fleet Street Fox


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Welcome to the return of Political Takeout! This week's episode guest stars Jonathan Aitken, Rowenna Davis, and Susie Boniface aka Fleet Street Fox. We're discussing whether Wonga should be banned from advertising to children, and whether 'Marine A' convicted of murder on the field of battle deserves compassion. Enjoy!



Political Takeout is a funny but informed review of the week’s news and politics. Presented by Bobby Friedman and Rupert Myers, it takes a wry look at events in Westminster and beyond.

The show ran its first series in early 2013, when it quickly became the highest rated independent news and politics podcast on the iTunes store in the UK. In late 2013, Political Takeout transferred to its new home at Independent Voices.

Bobby & Rupert are both writers and broadcasters and they first hosted a radio show together in 2005.

Bobby has been a producer and presenter for the BBC and is the author of two political books. He is also a regular on TV and radio and has written for a number of national publications. Rupert’s writing has appeared in the Guardian, the Times, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph Blogs & the Spectator Coffee House, and has also been interviewed on TV and radio.