Poll: Is the Government right to stop aid to Rwanda over concerns the regime is supporting rebels in Congo?


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The UK has announced a suspension of £21 million of aid to Rwanda amid concerns about the country's support for a deadly rebel insurgency in neighbouring Congo.

Ministers said the payments would be stopped as question marks remain over Rwandan support for the M23 militia, who have massed in Eastern DRC.

A UN document says that Rwanda's defence minister is effectively commanding the rebellion.

International Development Secretary Justine Greening said that payments of £21 million would not now be released to Rwanda because President Paul Kagame's regime had breached agreements. The UK joins America and other European countries who have similarly withheld aid in response to growing conflict in Congo.

But should the poor of Rwanda be the ones who suffer for their government's alleged war-mongering?

Aid payments to the east African country have reduced the number of women dying in childbirth, boosted education and agriculture, and helped to invigorate the private sector, according to the Department for International Development.

Critics argue that a robust diplomatic response is vital while the M23 continue to challenge the DRC's Kinshasha government.

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