President Obama will have new confidence in his step

There was a palpable feeling that this election was pivotal. It was. Obama has renewed credibility

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It took record amounts of money to get America talking about its issues - more often than not in repugnant, bickering tones. Still - a tough contest will hopefully make a confident winner.

If President Obama can withstand months of the worst his fellow countrymen have to offer, and now with job security a settled matter, he can enter any negotiation and meet any challenge with a resounding hitch in his step.  As quickly as Mr Romney’s light was smashed and scattered amongst the vagrants of history, President Obama has gained new credibility and the assurance that he earned his place.  There is still hope in America, but that confidence is personal.

From the start, there was a strong feeling that this election would be special in someway.  Most expected a controversial finish.  There was a palpable feeling, not just at home in America, but here in the UK as well, that this election was pivotal.  It has been said of elections before, it will likely be said of elections again, but this time it was real and important.  This US presidential election was a global issue, important to countries and people in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas alike.  Today, while fans of the President cheered in Chicago, Mr Romney’s supporters stood languidly before an empty stage in Boston.  Finally, the end is here.